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One of the qualities that make us different to an ordinary accountancy firm is that we offer a unique freelance/subcontract service to all business sectors, including smaller accountancy firms.

For industries

The service offered to industries would involve assisting you in your total finance function, which would include management/consultancy services in preparation of your management and statutory accounts.  The benefits of having such an arrangement would enable you to become more cost efficient and flexible, particularly where certain individuals feel that they are not quite big enough to employ a full-time management accountant, but would much rather settle for an hourly ‘Pay-as-you-go’ ongoing arrangement to facilitate your business needs.  A typical example would be for you to utilise our freelance/subcontract services for say a day a week or so.

For accountancy firms

This service offered to smaller practices, particularly the non-qualified accountancy firms would involve utilising a wide range of our expertise.  We understand the hassle involved in the recruitment process, particularly training and development of individual staff members.  We offer a total package of accounts and taxation services so that you can concentrate more on your practice expansion and consultation work.  Our ‘no-hassle’ freelance service would involve a facility whereby we prepare the accounts (for a variety of your clients, from Ltd co’s through to sole traders/partnerships etc) including all tax computations and returns.  All our accounts are prepared on a recognised accounting software with all the latest disclosure requirements – leaving you to simply sign-off the accounts and maintain your own clientele.  For instance, using the example of a Ltd co client, we would prepare the annual statutory accounts including Full Bound and Unbound abbreviated copies together with corporation tax computations and CT600’s, from the books & records you provide us.  You simply sign-off the Accountants report, and save time which could be better spent elsewhere.

Our fees could either be based on a pre-determined hourly rate, or a small percentage of the total fees chargeable to that client.  We offer this flexibility and upon your complete discretion.

We feel proud to have built our reputation on honesty and trust, and we feel we could assist you in this area.

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