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Welcome to MSJ Chartered Certified Accountants

At MSJ Chartered Certified Accountants, we are proud to offer a friendly and personal approach to Accounting by being available outside normal office hours and at your convenience. We understand that every business is different and our unique flexibility combined with our friendly service enables you to concentrate more on other activities during normal business hours to optimise growth & potential.

We understand our client’s needs, and work in tandem to achieve a satisfactory solution designed to save you tax by achieving the most beneficial way possible in extracting profit from your business. We don’t simply just prepare your Accounts from your books & records, and then see you again next year, we actually sit down taking the time to review your results and find the best possible solution and explain exactly what we can do to save you money….Your business is our business, we treat every client with tremendous care and attention to detail.

MSJ Chartered Certified Accountants was founded by its Managing Director, and modelled to deliver a personalised approach away from the usual rhetoric interpretation of what an Accountant actually is. We don’t simply sit back and number crunch! We aim to be as friendly and forthcoming as possible, which personifies our personality and experience.

In addition to the usual Accounting services we provide our clients, we also provide a Freelance management/subcontract service to Industries and other smaller accountancy practices (see Services for more details). This is very rare and usually unheard of in the Accountancy profession (a practice working and offering support to another practice) as it requires us to deal with clients which are not actually ours. But, at least this provides further proof of our unfounded commitment to professionalism and trustworthiness in helping others despite being in the same profession.

We offer our professional services to all our clients and aim to be helpful by continuing to strive towards being innovative.

MSJ Chartered Certified Accountants is your solution


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